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Tax Collector & Municipal Agent

Marshfield's Tax Collector/ Municipal Agent

As Tax Collector, Charlsey is responsible for collecting all property taxes as well as excise tax for the Town. 

As the municipal agent, Charlsey is responsible for completing reports and submitting them to applicable state agencies as well as maintaining state agency services. 

Important Dates

2019 Taxes

November 7, 2019 - 2019 Tax Commitment

November 14, 2019 - 2019 Tax Bills mailed

January 7, 2020 - 2019 Taxes are due

January 8, 2020 - Interest begins on 2019 Taxes


2018 Taxes

October 19, 2018- 2018 Tax Commitment

October 22, 2018- 2018 Tax Bills mailed

December 18, 2018- 2018 Taxes are due.

December 19, 2018- Interest began on 2018 Taxes

**Remember to update your address with the Tax Collector if it has changed so you receive important tax notices**

Information about Property Taxes/Tax Collecting Process

-Property taxes are committed and the bills are mailed out once a year in October. 

- Property taxes are due 60 days after the commitment date which is set by the Board of Assessors.

- Interest starts on property taxes the day after the due date.

-Liens are placed on any properties with unpaid taxes 9 months after the commitment date (30 day notices are sent to property owners and interested parties 30 days before the Lien date).

-18 months after the Lien date, properties with unpaid taxes with be foreclosed on (foreclosure notices are mailed to property owners and interested parties between 30-45 days before the foreclosure date).


-Marshfield's Fiscal Year runs from July to June

-The state tax year runs from April to March

-Homestead Exemption: Program that provides a measure of property tax relief for certain individuals that have owned homestead property in Maine for at least 12 months and made the property they occupy on April 1 their permanent residence. Property owners would receive an exemption of $20,000.  

-Property Deed and Lien information can be obtained by visiting the Washington County Registry of Deeds website by clicking here

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